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1929 Ford Model A Pulling A Coffin Trailer

With Halloween right around the corner I thought it would be a perfect time to make a coffin trailer and why not put the AFLAC duck to rest once and for all. Of course the trailer has to be pulled by something and what better than a 1929 Ford Model A.

1929 Ford Model A with Coffin Trailer-01

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Ford Flathead 460 with 3 deuces The 1929 Ford Model A is a diecast vehicle and I didn’t like the engine that came in it. I switched the engine to a Flathead Ford 460 with 3 deuces that should get that pesky duck to his final resting place in a hurry.

I made a license plate LST-RIDE for the Model A and OUTATIME for the coffin trailer.

1929 Ford Model A with Coffin Trailer-03

The coffin trailer is made of wood along with the frame and I used a set of matching wheels and tires. I used pictures of the artwork from the Model A and manipulated them with my computer to the proper size, etc. for the trailer. The artwork on the trailer is all water decals.

1929 Ford Model A with Coffin Trailer-02

Hope this gives you an idea with your builds, sometimes all it takes is that one little idea to turn into something fun.

1929 Ford Model A Hotrod



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