1947 Ford COE Custom with Fifth Wheel & SleeperI have been collecting scale vehicles for over 30 years and involved with everything for Cars, Trucks and Semi’s to Motorcycles including totally stock to customizing. I create my own high quality Dioramas (because I can’t find anything of quality on the market) to display my collection, people rant & rave about them all the time, they are always asking to purchase them or how I do different things, they also ask where I get the parts & accessories.

It’s all in the details, if you want to show off your collection you need a quality setting to Diorama Time Machines Car Showroomenhance both your scale collection & the setting. Everything from painting techniques, to roofing materials, to scale lumber & ground cover to all the accessories to give it that realistic look. People spend hours looking at my collection & many have said you need to teach me how to do this, so I decided this is the best avenue to get it out to the masses where thousands of people can learn to build their own diorama.

Diorama Classic Motors