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Cutting Doorway Openings For The Diorama Building

Diorama - Cutting Doorway Openings-01Now we are going to cut the opening for the side door. Using your pattern tape it to the material you just cut out for the side wall, make sure the edges all line up properly. This pattern will be your guide to make the proper cut for your door opening. Use a piece of scrap wood to help support your hardboard when you make the cuts.

Turn your hardboard side with the pattern taped to it facing the saw blade & the scrap piece of wood turned on its side. Now line your saw blade up with your pattern & make your first cut. Cut on the inside of the line or your door opening will end up too wide & not look right, you could correct it by making a wider door if you do cut it too wide but the look & proportion may not look proper.

Diorama - Cutting Doorway Openings-02Make your second cut, using the other side line of the door make sure you are cutting to the inside of the door opening. Now continue to cut the same way & remove all of the material in the middle of the doorway. If you slide your door opening sideways while it is still on its side across the saw blade you should get a nice clean cut on the top of the door opening.

Diorama - Cutting Doorway Openings-03Now we are going to cut the garage/large door. This door is too tall to cut the same as the side door the saw blade does not raise that high so we have to cut this one differently. Diorama - Cutting Doorway Openings-04Lay the front wall on its back so you can see the pattern, now cut out the line to the inside using the miter gauge set at the proper angle (I used 62˚ for my 6/12 roof pitch).


Diorama - Cutting Doorway Openings-05Now put the miter gauge in the opposite table saw miter gauge slot to cut just to the inside of the other line. You can try & cut out the middle on the table saw by sliding it up the miter gauge but it may be easier to use a hand saw with a small blade like a coping saw. Diorama - Cutting Doorway Openings-07If the top cut is not to your liking use a file or sand paper to straighten or smooth it out, remember there is a piece of door trim that will go around the doors so it may hide a slight imperfection. Be careful cutting & filing this piece so you don’t break it.

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