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Cutting Out The Side Door Siding For The Diorama Building

Place your siding on the lower side of the building where the walk door is. Take your pencil & mark where the door will be cut out. On this particular building the siding actually doesn’t come right to the top of the doorway so you could just cut your piece for the right side of the door & then cut your piece for the left side of the door. The siding will be in two pieces if it went around the door then you would have to mark all around & cut it out that way because it would all be one piece.

Diorama Siding -01

Remember to always cut your biggest pieces first in siding, lumber or whatever because you never want to have to splice two pieces together unless you absolutely have to.

Diorama Siding -02

Cut the pieces out from the front side like we talked about earlier make sure that your pieces fit tight against the door edges because we will trim this all around the edges just like the garage door and we want it to have a nice clean look.

Diorama Siding -03


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