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Diorama – Video of the Old Storage Building is Available

Thanks from How To Make A Diorama for all your patience the video of the complete build of the old storage building is now available. It’s 2½ hours long and covers the complete build from beginning to end with all the tips, tricks and techniques used to build this building. It’s available for immediate download so you could have it in front of you in a matter of minutes.

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Directly under the main video under Stuff You Want is the VIDEO – Vintage Style Building. Also in that same area are other items that are available to help you enhance your dioramas and diorama building experience.

Items like:
PDF – Vintage Style Building – This is the pdf of the building that was built in the video. It’s in print form so you could have it right in front of you for your build, it’s 41 pages with over 200 pictures.

SIGNS – Set 1 – This set is broke into 2 parts because of it’s size. It’s available for your immediate download, signs including automotive, motorcycle, gas & oil along with food & beverage. A lot of these signs will bring back memories of the good old days when times were simpler. This set also includes clocks, electrical covers, dealership signs, faces for a radio, TV & even a juke box, signs for the interior as well as the exterior, car lot flags, posters & a whole lot more. Over 1,400 items in this set alone.

ROAD SIDE SIGNS – Set 2 – Road side signs range from Gas/Food/Lodging/Camping logo signs & panels, traffic, warning, construction, & information to speed limit signs. All to make the roadways on your dioramas look their best. Over 600 items in this set.

MAGAZINES, FOOD, PARTS and SUPPLY BOXES – Set 3 – This set is broke into 2 parts because of it’s size. Magazines, Manuals, Coffee Table Books, Pizza, Donut, Pie Boxes, along with food to place in them. Fan Belt Sleeves, Parts and Supply Boxes (cases of oil, antifreeze, filters, spark plugs, headers, mufflers, cams, tires, gaskets, brakes, shocks, and also empty cardboard boxes), there are even vintage style boxes. Over 500 items in this complete set.

PDF – Roll-Up Garage Door – This pdf is 4 pages with 23 pictures to show you how to make a roll-up garage door that can actually open and close. Anyone who is serious about building any type of garage that has a roll-up door needs this pdf.

Everything is available for immediate download directly under the main video – STUFF TO BUY.

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