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Diorama Accessories – Samples

So many people are interested in the “STUFF TO BUY” products, most of them wanted to know if samples were available so they know exactly what they are going to receive when they purchase the products.

Instead of addressing each request independently a 2 page sample products page was created for your convenience it’s available for immediate download.

These samples are of the signs, vintage signs, road side signs, parts and supply boxes, fan belt sleeve, TV face, etc. to give you a better idea of how great all these accessory items are.

Under “STUFF TO BUY” you will find the complete line of these products, your diorama will not be complete until you add these items for that finishing touch.

The following images are not clear (even if you click to enlarge them) they had to be resized to fit this space. Click the “Sample Product Pages” link below for the sample pages and a better image.

Diorama Accessory Sample Products Page 1

Diorama Accessory Sample Products Page 2

Sample Product Pages

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