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Diorama Accessories – Fan Belt Sleeves For Your Diorama

Diorama fan belt sleeves by Gates, Firestone, U.S. Royal & NAPA that you can use to inset belts into and hang them on the wall of your diorama or lay them on a fender of a car or the workbench

When was the last time you were at a old garage or repair shop and didn’t see fan belts hanging around on the wall?

Well your diorama should also have them and I may be able to help with that, I have created some fan belt sleeves by Gates, Firestone, U.S. Royal and NAPA that you can use to inset belts into and hang them on the wall or lay them on a counter or workbench to add the extra touch to your diorama.

Here is a short little video inserting a fan belt into a sleeve.

In the third set comes some sleeves some small little sleeves that you use for fan belts. So far the only thing that I found that has worked for me is some electrical wire, make sure it doesn’t have any print or anything on the outside of it and if it’s got stranded inside it seams to flex a little better.

I know there’s got to be something out there that would look a little more natural but nobodies ever complained about it everybody seams to like it the way it is they are always asking how do you make those fan belts. So just bend them over like this, once your sleeve is glued make sure it is good and dry or it will come apart when you go to slide this in here. You just slide your piece of electrical wire in, now you have a little fan belt.

And there’s different sleeves for different ones, that’s a US Royal, here’s a Gates, here’s a Firestone, here’s a Gatorback, there is also a couple of new styles and older styles here’s a different Gates belt sleeve, so you get the sleeves depending on what scale you are going to use, remember on there it’s all 1:24th scale you either increase it or decrease the size of it just print it whatever size you need your sleeves to be and figure out what size you need for your belts. Take a piece like I say in this case I use electrical wire just to put it together you want to make some shorter, longer or whatever I just cut them the same length I just put them in here for demonstration purposes. But you cut them whatever length you want and if you can find a better material go ahead andand use it, like I say I haven’t found anything yet that’s small enough that has worked and nobody’s complained about this it’s what I have been using.

This sheet has fan belt sleeves, spark plug boxes and even a peg board ready to be added to your diorama.

This third set also includes magazines, food boxes, parts and supply boxes and so much more. Boxes from Shell, Esso, Texaco, Sinclair, Fram, Hooker, Fel-Pro, Thrush, Monroe, Champion, NGK, Preston and even Ford and Chevy.

All these items help give your diorama that finished look you can download them ready to be printed for immediate use no waiting around. They are available at HowToMakeADiorama.com they are part of the third set of accessory items. There are over 500 items in this third set.

There are also charts about scale sizing, rulers, lumber and a video and pfd of a complete build of an old style building all to help the scale collector with their dioramas. So head on over to HowToMakeADiorama.com and check it out.

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