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Diorama Accessories – Make Supply and Parts Boxes For Your Diorama

No diorama is complete without supply and part boxes, including brands like Valvoline, Sunoco, Castrol, Pennzoil, Shell, Esso, Texaco, Sinclair, NGK, Autolite, Hooker Headers, Ford, Chevrolet and so much more

No diorama is complete without parts and supply boxes, how can the mechanic fix a car without parts or change the oil without a case or two of oil on hand. Valvoline, Sunoco, Castrol, Pennzoil, Shell, Esso, Texaco or Sinclair.

How about some boxes of AC or Fram oil filters and STP, Fram or Purolator air filters, every shop has them on hand.

Hooker, Doug Thorley or Headman Header Boxes or Champion, NGK or Autolite sparkplug boxes or boxes of Fel-Pro gaskets.

There are even coolant boxes like Zerex and Prestone and parts boxes from Ford, AMC, Chevrolet, Mopar, and more to fix that car and make the customer happy while your mechanic earns his paycheck to support his family or have a cold one with his buddies after work.

That 1947 Ford COE that was just finished customizing would sound great with a set of Cherry Bomb glass packs. There are also boxes from Thrush or Flowtech and Monroe, Gabriel or Penske racing shocks boxes.

This is just the tip of the iceberg there are boxes and boxes and more boxes for parts and supplys, there are even boxes you can make into empty cardboard boxes or fill them with whatever you want.

Here is a quick little video of some of the boxes.

On your sheet with all your boxes and all your material cut out your patterns for your box everything is outlined there inside flaps outside flaps I like to use just a glue stick make sure it’s a permanent one because there is removable ones I made that mistake before putting it together and my box came apart later not realizing they made removable glue sticks so put a little glue on the inside of here.

I’m not going to do it right here on camera because it takes a little while for it to set up, glue the two spots there together hold it for a little bit. Sometimes in some areas you got to get in and hold it with something like a needle-nose or a tweezers especially if you got the small boxes, just make sure on your needle-nose because this has grooves on here it’s going to put marks in your material make sure you have one that has a smooth inside I’ll sometimes wrap tape or something around here so it doesn’t make marks on the material. The regular paper boxes aren’t so bad the glossy ones really show up on it. Once that dries then just put some glue on the other spots here and glue it and put it all back together, you can use some tape if you want it all depends on what size boxes that your putting together small, large or whatever. See then that is all you really need for the tools is the scissors, and a needle nose and a tweezers and a glue stick and then you’ll end up with some really nice boxes to use.

Here’s a Mopar one, here’s a Hurst box these are both the same size boxes that I was just showing you here with the Napa box, there’s a Hooker Headers box it’s a white one, a Crane Cam’s, there’s a Chevrolet box, here’s a Chrysler box, there’s all kinds of them, a Ford box, there’s 100’s of different boxes you can get. I also like the real little ones, here’s a little case of Valvoline, here’s another little case here’s a case of WD-40, and here’s Thrush mufflers, this one I actually left the box open, if you happen to have a muffler or something lying around you can put it in there and let it stick out or set it on a work bench that way. Here’s an AMC box, some of these boxes are narrow, some of them are a little bit thicker, some are square and wide, there’s all kinds of different varieties here.

Also here are some spark plug boxes, here’s a little NGK box, here’s a Champion, here’s an Autolite, and here’s an Isky Cam box, and then you can also put together these stacks, of here’s a stack of oil filters AC oil filters, and there is a bunch of different varieties, there’s singles, there’s doubles, there’s triples, this one’s got 3, 6, 9, there’s a dozen of them in this one.

Here’s a different one that you can set this on your shelf that would be really nice it’s got 4 different ones, it’s got a Quaker State, a Fram, Pennzoil on here, set it up on like your work bench or your shelf or something against the wall so it looks like a stack of cans, and notice this one here there is only one thickness of filters, this one is a double thickness so you could set them next to each other whatever you’d like to do.

Just giving you a whole bunch of options here that you can do so put them together enjoy them, print them on whatever kind of paper you want, I gave a suggestion on the top of each sheet. The regular paper, gloss paper or cardboard like looking so you can make them whatever way you want to make them. A lot of the smaller boxes like the plug boxes and this kind of stuff are more glossy, the parts boxes normally are flat or cardboard.

Like I say it’s up to you, the oil filter boxes & stuff they have more of a glossy look to them. When you go to your parts place kinda look at them see what you like & how you want to make them. One thing I found with the glossy with the photo paper the detail shows a little better in it too than it does with the other one but you want them to look natural so & you want like the muffler box you want this to look flat like a muffler box does.

And you can beat them up a little if you want them to look like a little ware & tare, like this one here it’s a Hooker Header box, it looks like it probably fell out of the back of the UPS truck or something it’s all banged up & things you can make them like that or you can take some kind of paint or something like that or some grease or whatever and make them dirty if you want whatever you want it’s all up to you.

This is just giving you all the different options & giving you stack of boxes, like I say there’s 100’s of them.

All these items help give your diorama that finished look you can download them ready to be printed for immediate use no waiting around. They are available at HowToMakeADiorama.com they are part of the third set of accessory items which also includes magazines & manuals, food boxes & also fan belt sleeves. There are over 500 items in this third set.

There is also a full length video & a pdf available of a complete build of an old storage building, when making dioramas one of the most important items are the buildings, so you may want to check this out.

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