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Diorama Accessories – Make Your Own Pizza, Donut, Chicken and Pie Boxes

Diorama accessories to give it that finished look. How about some pizza, donut, chicken and pie boxes for your diorama

Are you looking for accessories for your diorama to give it that finished look? How about some pizza boxes for the shop with some individual slices of pizza to set on paper plates next to the mechanic working on the car?

How about some donut boxes like Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts or Winchell’s, the only problem is they might attract the cop’s.

How about a box of fried chicken, box of cookies or a box with fresh homemade pie, do you like apple, strawberry or cherry?

Here is a video with a few of the boxes.

Here are some boxes that are here for some food, this one here is a pizza box. Just put it together, cut it out and put it together, also supplied there is on the regular paper so it looks like a natural box then there is some pictures of some pizza and stuff on there some of them even have pieces and things out. Print that on photo paper because it shines and gives it detail a little better, you can insert it in the boxes to make it look like there is an actual pizza in the box, you can leave the box open, you can leave it half way open whatever you like to do you can close it, it’s all up to you what you’d like to do.

Here is another box with a pizza, and in this one here this pizza somebody’s already got to it, somebody’s got a piece out of this one so there is some individual pieces too in the set that you can use to set on paper plates.

Here’s a box of Krispy Kreme donuts, see there’s donuts actually inside the box. Here’s a box of Dunkin Donuts, here’s a box for Winchell’s. How about a box of chicken, little bags of potato chips, and also a table cloth. And there’s two different table cloths in there this one is printed on regular paper like a paper cloth would be. You can also print it on photo paper like I did with the food items I printed them on photo paper to make it look like a plastic table cloth so it’s up to you what you want to do.

And on that table cloth all I did was made little slits on the ends and put it together and glued it on so when you make a table you set that on there and it looks real nice. Put your box of pizza or something sitting on here, put your box of donuts or anything on here I guess I could put one a different color on here so you can kinda see it. Or a box that’s open whatever you want to do, you could do a little outside restaurant setting or a little diner or something 50’s diner or whatever and then use this on the table outside with your pizza boxes and things there is a big variety of different food boxes too and the food boxes come in the set with all the other car and part boxes and things, there’s 100’s of boxes in that whole set total.

All these items help give your diorama that finished look you can download them ready to be printed for immediate use no waiting around. They are available at HowToMakeADiorama.com they are part of the third set of accessory items which also includes magazines and manuals, parts and supply boxes and also fan belt sleeves. There are over 500 items in this third set alone.

There is also a full video and pdf of a complete build of an Old Storage Building that you may want to check out while your there.

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