Learn How To Make Quality, Scratch-Built Dioramas

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Diorama Building Tools To Get You Started

Diorama Building Tools-01The best way to get started building quality dioramas is to have the proper tools, you don’t need all the tools to get started you acquire them as you go along & as you realize what you need. In this build I used basic tools & materials.

1/16” Hardboard for side/end walls & roof, wood strips for 2”x4” & 2”x6” for framing, wood clapboard siding, card stock for mock up, graph paper, scrapbook paper for flooring & roof paper, wood glue (make sure it is paint & stain compatible), paint & brushes, etc. for the materials.

Diorama Building Tools-02

For tools; paper cutter or scissors, scale ruler, tape measure, utility knife, exacto knife, clamps, saw, file, pencil, calipers, compass, etc.

There are many other tools you can get & the more dioramas you build the more you will realize what tools you need. Things like paint tube squeezers that you can use to make corrugated siding, pin vises for making very small holes, corner clamps or band clamps for holding your project, different jigs, etc. There are ways to do things without the proper tools it just makes doing them easier.