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Diorama Building With Scale Vehicles

These 6 different pictures are just different views & angles with the diorama building sitting on different materials and with different vehicles to change the look of the building and or setting.

Diorama Building with Scale Vehicles-01

In this first view the building is sitting on sandy color pieces of scrapbook paper to make it stand out & be noticed.

Diorama Building with Scale Vehicles-02

The second view everything is sitting on a grayish black piece of felt to give a different look and feel, it is also a color that blends in more with the building & is not as noticeable.

Diorama Building with Scale Vehicles-03

The third view is from an angle to give a different perspective of the layout. This is something you want to play with if you decide you want to photograph your dioramas for magazines or in some kind of print form.

Diorama Building with Scale Vehicles-04

The fourth view is with the same color scrapbook paper that was used on the floor of the diorama building to give yet another look.

Diorama Building with Scale Vehicles-05

The fifth view is with the diorama building sitting on a wooden table with a 1953 International panel truck next to it. In this view there is nothing to take your eye away from either the building or the truck, sometimes you may want to keep it simple it all depends on what kind of statement you are trying to make.

Diorama Building with Scale Vehicles-06

The last view is of a Dodge Challenger Convertible sitting in the old storage building with the doors open like it is ready to pull out & go for a Sunday cruise to the local drive-in for a double cheeseburger, fries, & nice thick chocolate malt ordered from his favorite car hop.


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