Learn How To Make Quality, Scratch-Built Dioramas

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Diorama fp video

Diorama building video for the scale collector

Diorama building video for the scale collector, pdf, accessories like signs, road signs, magazines, boxes, etc. all available for the scale, hobby, model, kit builder and collector.

This short little video here is just put together to kind of give you the basic idea of what’s involved in this section. This building that you are seeing right here is the actual building that was built for the video and the pdf. The video is over 2½ hours long, the pdf is 41 pages with over 200 colored photos, and this is the actual building that was involved from start to finish for this build.

This section right here is some of the scratch built buildings that I did that have some of the signs on the walls, on the exterior, couple of the boxes, and things like that to kind of give you an idea of some of the signs and the boxes and things that are involved here. If you get onto the next page where you can actually get the items there is a little video there that’s a little bit longer than this that kind of gets into it a little bit more and gives you more ideas of what’s involved and what you all get.