Learn How To Make Quality, Scratch-Built Dioramas

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Diorama – How To Make Quality Scratch Built Dioramas

Diorama – How to make quality scratch built dioramas tips, tricks and techniques. Also scale rulers, scale charts and understanding scale sizing to help in your builds

Thank You for visiting HowToMakeADiorama.com all this was created to help the scale collector enhance their experience and build quality dioramas for showcasing their collection.

I have been collecting scale vehicles and building scratch built dioramas or creating various scenes for over 30 years. I could never find the right building or scenery or the quality product for what I had in mind so I had to learn how to make everything myself and to my standards. I guess that is why people rant and rave over my dioramas because they are a step or two above the competition; I have had many requests to display them at various shows and competitions. I am constantly asked how I make them or if I would sell them, so I decided to create a Blog which is something totally new to me to help people create their own dioramas. The Blog itself is not enough and it takes way too long from beginning to end of a project, it does help people with certain things but there is so much more.

Most people are visual so I created a video where you can actually see the whole process from start to finish including things that just can’t be presented properly any other way. The video is over 2½ hours long and covers everything from soup to nuts and then some. It is available for immediate download that way you don’t have to wait around for it to arrive, you’ll receive it immediately and you don’t have to pay for shipping.

It is a complete build of a Vintage Style Building I call it an Old Storage Building. It would be an old building you would have seen by the roadside years ago that may have been used to store small equipment, the old tractor, farming equipment, etc. These old buildings now quite often are where people store their restored cars or where they work on restoring them.

This building when built years ago, was not built as a garage, because back then it was not intended for a car. You will learn many different techniques in this build that you can apply to other builds, one of the most important things to building dioramas properly are the buildings so that is why we started out with this build.

Everyone has different tastes and you can build it however you want whatever suits your needs you can learn the techniques and gain different ideas from the video and then make it however you want. People collect different scale cars, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, trains, etc. this way you can make them fit you personally and not have to settle for the cheap imitations on the market today.

Making this building is the best place to start, as I continue I’ll keep getting into more advanced things and we’ll all learn along the way. I will probably create videos, etc. of each build along the way and offer them to further your experience in the whole diorama making process so you may want to collect the whole series.

This building was created in 1/24th scale which means that every ½” equals 1′. This building actually measures 6″ wide x 10″ long with 4½” side walls and a 6/12 roof pitch. A real building this size would be 12′ wide x 20′ long, 9′ side walls and a 6/12 roof pitch.

To help with scale sizes I have created something called understanding scale replica vehicle sizes, I also created something with scale lumber and a few different scale rulers to help you in your builds that you can print out and physically use, these items are all free. I have to pick a scale to build everything in to stay consistent all you have to do is either increase or decrease it to your particular needs, the techniques are all the same.

This building was created with scale sized 2″x4″ wall studs, sill plates and top plates, 2″x6″ headers, 6″ clapboard siding and actual opening and closing doors. The roof was made removable to see the detail and also to add accessories or lighting down the road. You could just create the framing structure and use that as a diorama display if you were doing something with a construction setting. You could have a crane lifting the rafters onto the side walls and a bobcat loaded with materials for your build creating a construction jobsite scene, you are only limited by your imagination.

The building looks so much better in real life than in these pictures, you can only do so much with a camera even with the proper lighting. You will see when you start making these buildings or dioramas how much nicer they are than anything else you have seen on the market, nothing else compares to actually building it yourself. The video is over 2½ hours long and broke into over 20 different categories.

I also offer this build in a pdf format for immediate download that you can print out which is really a nice addition to the video. The pdf format is 41 pages long with over 200 colored photos. Most people prefer to get both especially if they are serious about their collections & by getting both at the same time you get a deal & save some money.

Another nice detail in building quality dioramas are the accessories. I have made available for your immediate download signs including automotive, motorcycle, gas & oil along with food & beverage. A lot of these signs will bring back memories of the good old days when times were simpler. This set includes clocks, electrical covers, dealership signs, faces for a radio, TV & even a juke box, signs for the interior as well as the exterior, car lot flags, posters & a whole lot more. Over 1,400 items in this set alone.

Available in set two are road side signs ranging from Gas/Food/Lodging/Camping logo signs & panels, traffic, warning, construction, & information to speed limit signs. All to make the roadways on your diorama look their best. Over 600 items in this second set.

The third set available for immediate download are magazines, boxes & so much more you can’t have an office or waiting room without some magazines scattered around. How about some pizza & donut boxes for the shop with some individual slices of pizza to set on a magazine next to the mechanic working on the car? Supply boxes everything from cases of oil, antifreeze & filters, to spark plugs & v-belt sleeves & parts boxes ranging from headers, mufflers, cams, tires, gaskets, brakes, shocks, to empty cardboard boxes to use as you please. Over 500 items in this third set.

All these accessory items really add to your dioramas, adding a great amount of detail. These 3 sets have over 2,500 items in them together. All you have to do is adjust them to the size that fits your needs & print them or take them to your local copy shop & they will be more than glad to help you. I have went to many different copy shops because they have great printers & they were always more than glad to help me out most of the time they would ask about the items & say how cool I remember this or I remember that.

You can get all 3 sets & save some money doing it, besides being the best deal in town you will have them to use over & over again & again if needed.

If you really want to save some money the best deal is to get everything & receive a huge discount, you know you need this stuff you might as well save some money doing it.

If you are wondering why I make this stuff so affordable it’s because I love this hobby & want others to enjoy it as much as I do. These minimum costs will help keep the whole program running & allow others to enjoy it & hopefully pass it on to the younger generation. And remember it’s all in the details.

How To Make A Diorama