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Diorama items on sale, the recession/depression has lasted way too long. Washington says the recession ended June of 2009 but for the rest it has not ended, it has gotten worst.

Gas prices are elevated to create huge profits, 3rd quarter gas profits have doubled from last year while helping to keep the economy in the dumps. It is being reported that Wall Street is making more money than ever.

Not sure what is or is not the truth, remember the media always promotes their own agenda. I know people are hurting financially and that is the truth, it’s as clear as the difference between black and white.

We all need to help each other as much as we can, I decided to run a sale on the diorama items to save people some money. If all of us do something to help each other maybe we can start pulling out of this mess on our own.

Because of the economic situation more people have returned to building dioramas, model kits, scale replicas, etc. or have just started as first timers enjoying it more than ever. Because of the job situation they have more free time but now have limited funds so I decided to lower the prices temporally to help out.

So lets all build something, keep a positive attitude while saving some money.

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