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Diorama – Preparing Studded Walls For The Diorama Building

Diorama - Preparing Studded Walls For The Diorama Building-01Preparing Studded Walls For The Diorama Building. Carefully remove the studded wall frames from the paper. Look at all your walls to make sure everything is fully attached, if something is loose put a little more glue on it. Remember not to use too much glue because it will show in your finished product. I chose not to paint my studded walls but you may choose to paint or stain them, you want to make sure that the glue you are using is paint & stain compatible.

Diorama - Preparing Studded Walls For The Diorama Building-02This is also a good time to see if everything lines up properly & is going to fit how you want it. The end walls will attach to the inside of the side walls so make sure everything lines up.

Diorama - Preparing Studded Walls For The Diorama Building-03This is where I was talking earlier if you wanted to just create the framing structure & use that as a diorama display if you were doing something with a construction setting. You could have a crane lifting the rafters onto the side walls or just have the pile of rafters stacked in a pile. You could have a tractor loaded with the materials for your build creating a construction jobsite scene.

How about a truck loaded with building materials or a flatbed semi loaded with the roof trusses. Or a muddy job site with a 4×4 truck stuck in the mud after delivering the materials & being pulled out by a front end loader.

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