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Diorama Scale Lumber – Available Scale Lumber Sizes

Diorama scale lumber comes in many different sizes, hopefully this information will at least give you a better idea of what sizes are available

Have you ever tried to build a diorama to scale and were confused when it came time to start building the structure? Do you know what size scale lumber is available?

I created a little something that basically covers the available sizes of scale lumber. I did it using 1:24th scale which is ½” equals 1′ all you have to do is adjust it to meet whatever size you like, it was created to give you a better idea of what options are available. To check it out head on over to HowToMakeADiorama.com and hopefully this will help in your diorama building.

While you are there you may also want to check out Understanding Scale Replica Vehicle Sizes and Scale Rulers. These items are all free and available for immediate download.

There is also a full video and pdf of a complete build of an Old Storage Building and some accessory items you may want to check out while your there.