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Diorama sp video

Diorama building video for the scale collector

Diorama building video for the scale collector, pdf, accessories like signs, road signs, magazines, boxes, etc. all available for the scale, hobby, model, kit builder and collector.

This is just a short video to give you kind of an idea of what’s available. The first part of the video here is the actual building that was made in the video and the pdf format. So you’ll see the building as it’s starts as it progresses through the structure, the clapboard siding, the roof, all the materials that were used and how it was all put together it’s just some brief pictures here, everything’s not covered in this little part but it’s just kind of a thing to give you an idea what’s your going to receive when you get the video there is a lot more tips, tricks and techniques in the video itself it’s 2½ hours long and it covers everything from the complete build from the beginning to the end. You could use this in any type of building or structure that your making this kind of gives you an idea of all the ideas and how to put something together.

Here’s some picture of some of the scratch built dioramas that I built to give you an idea of the signs involved in these sets, the interior signs, the exterior signs, the boxes and things like that you could see in all the different dioramas that I use a lot of this stuff so this is just a little bitty tip of the ice berg of what your seeing here but kind of gives you an idea of what’s involved in all of the signs for the regular signs, for the road side signs and all the parts supply boxes, food boxes and things like that.

The signs that are available in this section are the wall and building signs automotive, motorcycle, gas, oil, food, there’s even clocks and posters and flags and things available in there. There’s a face for a TV, a radio, a Juke Box you can make and the signs cover all kinds of areas from Mobil, Sinclair, Polly, Texaco, Champion, Hurst, Moon, Chevy, Ford, Nash, there is some Harley Davidson, and Indian a bunch of different motorcycle signs, there’s Coke and Pepsi and other beverage signs Budweiser and other beer signs there’s coffee signs and there’s also a lot of different food signs. You can use these in any of your diorama structures or just make some little small display to go with your scale vehicles or whatever there’s over 1,400 items in this set there is also some vintage signs and things in here. Everything comes in 1:24 scale so it’s all consistent, then you when you download it all you do is change the percentage size when you print it and if you go to the free section for the size and percentage chart it will give you an exact percentage on there what you need to increase or decrease for your particular scale.

The road side signs there’s a big logo sign panel those are the big blue signs that you see on the side of the road that has for the next exit the motels, the gas stations and eateries and things like that. There are big blue signs with the signs already on, or you could make a blue sign and put the small signs on whatever you want. There are all kinds of different things on there, Mc Donald’s and Dairy Queens and Best Western, Citgo, Shell, whatever way you prefer to do it. There’s also the traffic signs, stop signs, yield signs, road closed and things like that, there’s warning signs, hill, signals ahead, no passing zone, construction signs, like utility work ahead, workers ahead, fresh oil things like that. There is also information signs like the weight station, scenic overlook, the parking areas and things like that and speed limit signs they are all over, from 15 mile an hour in school zones speed limit signs, to minimum speed limit signs, there’s truck signs, there’s night signs and things like that there are over 600 items in this set so it’s a great addition to any diorama setting to be able to add all these different signs and things like that. Some of them you are just going to want to put on the side of your building or on the interior of the building some of them you might want to just age or something like that to make them look like an old sign that you got from somewhere all you do is download them everything is in 1:24 scale and then you adjust them to whatever size you want, go to the free section under the size and percentage chart and it will give you the exact percentage that you need to increase or decrease it to fit your scale.

This section is magazines, food and parts and supply boxes, there’s magazines, manuals, coffee table books, you just put them together and put them anywhere you want it really adds detail to your dioramas, there are pizza and donut and pie boxes there is actually food that you can put in them if you want to leave them open a little bit and show them. There are fan belt sleeves from Gates, Firestone, US Royal so you can hang fan belts on the wall or set them on a counter or whatever you would like to do. And parts and supply boxes just to name a few there is Sunoco, and Valvoline, Hookers Headers, Napa there is spark plug boxes from Champion and NGK, there are Fel-Pro Gasket boxes, Cherry Bomb and Thrush muffler boxes, Monroe shock boxes, there is Ford, Chevy, Chrysler this is just to name a few there is some many boxes. There are also vintage style boxes from Honest Charlie, and Fenton, and Sun, Sta-Lube and Bardal. All you do is download them they are 1:24 scale you download them and then adjust then to whatever scale you need if you go to the free section there is a size and percentage chart there it will tell you exactly what percentage to adjust them to and then you just print them out and put them together. You use whatever boxes you want in this whole set you have them forever you can print them over and over and over again just use whatever you need now, you build another diorama in the future you can use them. You should never run out of boxes and magazines and things like that you are going to need for your dioramas this is a great set to have, there is over 500 items in this set alone.

Hopefully this gives you a little idea of what’s all involved here there is so much more I could go on and on and on but I don’t want to do that I just want to give you kind of an idea you are going to be surprised when you get the stuff of how much really is there and the best deal is to get everything you might as well learn all the tips, tricks, and techniques on doing your buildings and things like that, get the pdf to go with the video so you have the pictures in front of you and get all of the accessories this is the best deal in town so your not going to find a better deal on the items and your probably not going to find as much variety and all the accessory items you can use over and over and over when you download the stuff it’s yours forever unlike anywhere else where you get it sent to you and you get to use it one time this is yours forever so that’s why it’s really a great deal to get everything together. So hopefully this will give you a little idea of what’s all involved here.