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Diorama Trailer For Your Scale Vehicle

Dioramas, diecast, model kits, scale replicas etc. all go together, how about adding a trailer to one of your vehicles to go with your diorama.

It’s the Halloween season and I saw these coffins and thought I can make one of those into a trailer. You never know where ideas for this hobby can come from so always keep your eyes, ears and mind open.

This trailer is actually created out of wood you could make it out of styrene or many other materials whatever is your favorite to work with.

Coffin Trailer 1

Coffin Trailer 2
The strips are 1/16” thick to add a little detail to the top, you could leave it plain or you could add some artwork. The side with the hinges ¼” (support for the hinges) and the others sides are ⅛” I’m going to put a flag in that area on the inside that is raised.

Coffin Trailer Frame

I used ⅛” x ⅛” wood strips to create the frame and glued it together.

Coffin Trailer 3

Coffin Trailer 4

Attached frame to the bottom of the coffin.

Coffin Trailer 5

Coffin Trailer 6
Painted the outside flat black not sure what I’m going to use to pull it, leaning toward a ratrod also painted flat black. If I decide to use something different I can always repaint it.

Coffin Trailer 7

Installed hinges & latch, latch is installed ahead of where the wheel will be.

Coffin Trailer 8

I have not installed an axle or wheels at this time because I am not sure what is going to pull it and I want the trailer and the tow vehicle to have the same stance. If I decide to use a ratrod then I will use a straight axle and drill right through the sides. If I use something taller I can attach the axle to the bottom of the frame or I could add leaf springs that I can make from scratch or use a set from a kit to get the right stance. Also I want the tires and rims to match the tow vehicle.

Coffin Trailer 9

Check back for future posts of what is decided as a tow vehicle and the completion of the axle, tires and rims for the trailer. I envision skulls for taillights, and skulls on the tow vehicle along with custom license plates like the following.

License Plate 1

License Plate 2

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