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Dioramas and 1939 Chevy Sedan Delivery with Baby Moons

Custom dioramas and customized 1939 Chevy Sedan Delivery go well together.

I do a lot of customizing of diecast, and build dioramas and scale models and things like that and most of the time I get pretty detailed in this stuff. This time I thought I would try something very simple that anyone can do.

Diorama - 1939 Chevy Sedan Delivery-01I bought two 1939 Chevy Sedan Deliveries with baby moons on them and what I decided to do is switch the fenders out on them. I took the black one and put the red fenders on, and took the red one and put the black fenders on it. I think it looks so much nicer now and it looks more custom than when they were stock and it’s such an easy thing to do, there is just 5 screws in the bottom to take the whole thing apart and put it back together. You have to be careful with the rear door because it likes to fall out so just make sure if you do it with the same vehicle here that you really hang onto that door so it doesn’t fall out and get damaged while you do it.

Diorama - 1939 Chevy Sedan Delivery-02Also on the black one because of the red fenders you can change the rims black if you’d like, I left them red I like that look but if you like it black you can change it. If you look at the red one with the black fenders and the red rims it actually looks pretty nice together like that so. And all of these pictures where taken down at Shelter Island in San Diego, California it was about 70 degrees out in February, beautiful day so that’s when I decided to do it. But as you can tell especially with the red in the natural sunlight it just doesn’t quite come out right on the videos, and the camera and things like that so, and when you see it in real they look really nice with the red and black together but they just don’t look quite as nice in the pictures but I think you can get the idea.

When you are going to attempt something like this, make sure that the vehicles you are going to purchase that you are going to be able to swap the parts out properly. Make sure that the fenders and things come apart the way that you want to, like in here the fenders, running board, and everything came apart the way I wanted it to. Some vehicles the front or back fenders don’t come off or some certain part doesn’t come apart so it’s going to make it much more difficult, then you might just have to paint than part or do something and sometimes it’s hard to match it depending on what the color is, especially colors like red or silver and things like that. But if you really watch how they come apart you can usually do this pretty simple and there is quite a few different vehicles out their that you can do this with and it really enhances the look of them.

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