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Dioramas and a Peterbilt 379 Custom Diecast Stretched Semi

Customized Peterbilt 379 with Stretched Frame

Custom dioramas and a customized Peterbilt 379 with stretched frame, double walk plate, 4 fuel tanks and more

Here are a couple of pictures of a Peterbilt 379 that I customized a little. I stretched the frame, doubled the walk plate, added 2 addition fuel tanks for a total of 4 tanks, added running lights to the bottom of the Texas Bumper, added Peterbilt mud flaps and more to this 1:32 scale truck.

I have been customizing scale vehicles and building quality dioramas for over 30 years and thought you may enjoy these pictures. It may give you some ideas to customize your own scale vehicles. The pictures are not the best it looks much better in real life.

These little details are what I also do on my dioramas to make them a step above the competition. I am always customizing or changing something, here are a couple of pictures of my dioramas. If you want to check out some information about dioramas head on over to HowToMakeADiorama.com it may give you a couple of ideas to enhance your collection.

I have also created some accessories to go with dioramas to give it that completed look like parts and supply boxes, food boxes, fan belts sleeves, etc. There is also a video of a complete build of an old storage building that you may want to check out.

There is also some information about Understanding Scale Replica Vehicle Sizes, Scale Rulers and Scale Lumber chart to give you an idea of what is available these items are free and ready for immediate download.

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