Learn How To Make Quality, Scratch-Built Dioramas

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Drawing Plans For Your Diorama

3 Car Garage & Gas Station Diorama - 1st DrawingDrawing plans for your diorama, once you have finished with your mock-up and happy with everything draw some rough sketches including roof lines to get an idea of what you want.

Once you have an idea draw a set of full scale plans for your buildings including studded walls (remember to draw the lines past the plates so they are not hidden when it comes time to line up the studs during your build), top & sill plates, roof pitch, door & window openings, etc. Now you have something to work off of, these drawings can be used as templates when you start to construct your buildings.

3 Car Garage Diorama

You may want to go to your local photocopy place & make a couple copies because one set can be used to lay your scale lumber on the make your cuts etc. & the drawing may get a little messy after a while. You may also want to use one set for gluing up your frame work, structure, etc.

Drawing a full set of plans is worth the time you’ll be able to visualize the building better & also see if there are any design flaws or corrections needed before you begin your build. If the size of your build is larger that the paper you are using (you may want to use graph paper) you can complete the whole drawing in whatever scale fits the paper & then go to your local copy center & have them blow it up to the correct size. If your build is real simple you may get by without the plans but the more difficult the build the more you will appreciate a set of plans. Real contractors always work from a set of plans & if you are building something with the same details of a real building or structure it makes sense to have a set of plans to work from.

How To Make A Diorama