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Evaluating The Siding For The Diorama Building

Finish attaching the rest of the siding & remember to have that little lip placed over the lower piece so you will not have any seams showing when finished.

Diorama Evaluating Siding -01

Diorama Evaluating Siding -02

You can see by the pictures that the corners don’t totally line up I did this on purpose so you could see where the two pieces of siding come together & how that will not be noticeable later. Also so you could see the corners are not perfect, the siding lines line up but the gaps in the outside corners are different, that way you can see how nice by finishing the corners will be & it will cover all that up.

Diorama Evaluating Siding -03

Diorama Evaluating Siding -04

With just the siding to this point the diorama building is starting to take shape & look like something. It is always nice to see progress and it makes you want to finish your project & show it off.


Diorama Evaluating Siding -05


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