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Getting Started With Roof Trusses For The Diorama Building

Getting started with the roof trusses for the diorama building is an important step because you want the roof to smoothly remove & be replaced but you also want it to look good when it is in place. The end trusses should have the supports facing inward you do not want the supports to face outward because they will catch the end walls when placing the roof back on the building.

Diorama Roof Trusses-01

All the other roof trusses will run the same direction with the supports all facing the same way like they do with a real building the only one that will face the other direction is one for the end so it doesn’t catch when you replace the roof. Also with the flat surfaces not the support sides of the roof trusses facing in on the ends it will make the roof secure when it is placed back on.

Diorama Roof Trusses-02

Set the two end trusses in place on the diorama building & use clamps to hold them in place make sure the clamps are not going to interfere with the first roof panel when you want to attach it. I like to use the clamps with the bigger soft bases because you don’t want to put too much pressure or something with a small end tight against the siding it will indent the basswood siding. You may need to also place clamps on the very bottom of the roof trusses so they stay in place.

Diorama Roof Trusses-03

Place a little wood glue on the top of the roof truss where you a going to place the roof panel, put the glue on both trusses because we are going to attach the roof to them. Place the roof panel on the trusses & with the spring clamps still in place on the roof panel it should line up right where you want it. With the glue on the trusses sometimes the roof panel wants to slide down so you may need to use a couple more clamps to hold the roof to the trusses while the glue sets up.

Once the first side is dry attach the roof panel to the other side you may want to put a piece of tape at the top ridge of the roof to hold the two panels in place. You may notice the roof at the very top likes to bow a little in the middle don’t worry about that for now. When we finish with all of the trusses that bow will come out of the roofs middle because the roof will be glued to the trusses which are straight.

The video will explain all of this in much more detail & it is easier when you can actually see it compared to reading about it.

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