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Getting Started With The Roof For The Diorama Building

Getting started with the roof for the diorama building, take one of the hardboard pieces that are to be used for the roof set it into position & use four little spring clamps to position it right where you want it, place the clamps on the ends of the roof. When it comes time to put it on again you want it to go exactly in the same place.

Diorama Roof-01

Now do the same thing for the roof panel for the other side this way everything is lined up exactly where you want them. We are not going to attach both sides at the same time we only want to do one at a time. Remove the roof panels but leave the spring clamps in place so everything will stay lined up when it comes time to attach them.

Diorama Roof-02

I like to use tin foil because it is very thin & the glue doesn’t stick to it easily. Take small strips of tin foil & wrap it over the tops of the end walls. We are making the roof removable & we want to make sure that the roof or the roof trusses don’t stick to it. With the roof removable we will be able to add accessories in the future we can also add lighting if we want.

Diorama Roof-03

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