Learn How To Make Quality, Scratch-Built Dioramas

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How To Create Dioramas For Scale Vehicles

Rack with Diorama'sMost of the example dioramas will be built on a ½” thick piece of good quality plywood cut to a size of 22” deep by 38” wide. For space reasons I use a metal shelving unit on wheels to display some of my dioramas and this size fits nicely on the shelving unit, you will see the dioramas on this shelving unit in the videos and it may give you ideas on other options for displaying your new dioramas.

You can adjust this size to whatever fits your needs or scale, you may just want to build the structures and set them up individually with no base or put a couple of different buildings on one base, remember this is all about you and your tastes and if you want some sort of ground cover or just park your scale vehicle next to a really cool building.

The reason this size base and buildings are being used in the examples and videos is because I have been collecting 1:24 scale vehicles for over 30 years, I started off building 1:24/1:25 scale models when I was barely a teenager and then switched to diecast in the same scales to keep everything the same size and haven’t stopped collecting since, I do have some vehicles in different scales because not every vehicle is created in this scale.

Peterbilt 379 - Custom Stretched - Black

I also customize some of my diecast to suit my tastes and you may see some of them in the examples and videos to come. I may even do a section on some of the customized vehicles in case you would like to create them yourself to go with your newly created diorama.

1947 Ford COE Custom

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