How To Make A Diorama

Now we are going to cut the opening for the side door. Using your pattern tape it to the material you just cut out for the side wall, make sure the edges all line up properly. This pattern will be your guide to make the proper cut for your door opening. Use a piece of [...]

I like to use a table saw for cutting the bigger sheet goods it gives a nice clean edge to the material, it is square, usually easier to work with than say a skill saw. Lay your piece of hardboard out & figure which is the best way to cut it where you waste the [...]

How to make a diorama blog for the scale collector and diorama builder – diorama ideas – diorama tips tricks and techniques, it’s all about building dioramas for scale collectors I have been collecting scale vehicles and building scratch built dioramas or creating various scenes for over 30 years and now it’s time to teach [...]

How to make a diorama building video and learn how to build an Old Storage Building for your diorama. Learn the tips, tricks and techniques that you can use for other dioramas If you have ever thought about building a diorama you are in the right place all this was created to help the scale [...]

Diorama – How to make quality scratch built dioramas tips, tricks and techniques. Also scale rulers, scale charts and understanding scale sizing to help in your builds Thank You for visiting all this was created to help the scale collector enhance their experience and build quality dioramas for showcasing their collection. I have been [...]

Drawing plans for your diorama, once you have finished with your mock-up and happy with everything draw some rough sketches including roof lines to get an idea of what you want. Once you have an idea draw a set of full scale plans for your buildings including studded walls (remember to draw the lines past [...]

Now that you have the correct scale size and pattern of what you want to build make yourself a cutout pattern that you can use in cutting your materials. Cut the actual doors & windows out of the pattern in a piece of card stock. Cut these pieces to the exact sizes & shapes that [...]

Once you have figured out what scale you what to build the best thing to do is make a mock-up of it, this will save you from wasting money in the future & makes sure that what you are building is to the scale & size proportions to what you want to display with it. [...]

I made this Vintage Style Building we’ll call it an Old Storage Building. It would be an old building you would have seen by the roadside years ago that may have been used to store small equipment, the old tractor, farming equipment, etc. These old buildings now quiet often are where people store their restored [...]

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