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How To Make A Vintage Style Building For Your Diorama

Old Storage Building-01I made this Vintage Style Building we’ll call it an Old Storage Building. It would be an old building you would have seen by the roadside years ago that may have been used to store small equipment, the old tractor, farming equipment, etc. These old buildings now quiet often are where people store their restored car or where they work on restoring them. This building when built years ago was not built as a garage that is why the doorway is small, because back then it was not intended for a car.

Old Storage Building-02

I am going to go through the steps I took in creating this building so you can build one like it if you wish. You can make changes to suit your needs, such as making it wider or longer or installing a roll-up garage door to make it an actual garage, it’s all up to you. You can also make it so it fits into your diorama scene, I just want to give you the basics here & you can run with it however you want.

Old Storage Building-03I am actually creating a full length video with all the little details from start to finish that I will make available & I may also make a pdf version available. I cannot get into all the little details & cover everything I did here, but the video will have everything for soup to nuts & then some. So if you are serious about learning to make quality dioramas you own it to yourself to get the expanded versions.

Making this building is the best place to start, as we continue I will keep getting into more advanced things & we will all learn along the way. I will probably also create videos, etc. of each build along the way & offer them to further your experience in the whole diorama making process.

Old Storage Building-04

This building was created in 1/24th scale which means that every ½” equals 1’. This building actually measures 6” wide x 10” long with 4½” side walls & a 6/12 roof pitch. A real building this size would be 12’ wide x 20’ long, 9’ side walls & a 6/12 roof pitch. We will get into scale sizes, etc. in the future I will also make available for downloading a couple of different size scale rulers to help you in your builds that you can actually print out & physically use.

Old Storage Building-05This building was created with scale sized 2”x4” wall studs, sill plates & top plates, 2”x6” headers, etc., 6” clapboard siding & actual opening & closing doors. The roof was made removable to see the detail & also to add accessories or lighting down the road. You could just create the framing structure & use that as a diorama display if you were doing something with a construction setting. You could have a crane lifting the rafters onto the side walls & a bobcat loaded with materials for your build creating a construction jobsite scene, you are only limited by your imagination.

Old Storage Building-06

This building looks so much better in real life than in these pictures, you can only do so much with a camera even with the proper lighting etc. You will see when you start making these buildings or dioramas how much nicer they are than anything else you have seen on the market, nothing else compares to actually building it yourself.

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