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Inside The Roof Of The Finished Diorama Building

Inside the roof of the finished diorama building you can see how nice & straight the roof trusses line up from this front view.

Diorama Roof Inside-01

Another view of the inside of the roof showing off the truss work, it really shows up with the natural color of the trusses against the natural color of the hardboard roof panels.

Diorama Roof Inside-02

View of the roof trusses with the roof laying upside down, see how the ends of each truss meet the edge of the roof line & the angle of the cut is the exact same angle of the pitch of the roof.

Diorama Roof Inside-03

Close up view of the truss work, see how each truss is exactly the same distance away from the other truss on the left & the right side that is why it is so important to make sure your trusses line up on the center marks on both sides of the paper when you attached your truss work. These little details are what separate the amateurs from the quality scale diorama builders.

Diorama Roof Inside-04


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