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Installing Roofing Material On The Diorama Building

Installing the roofing material to give your diorama building that finished look, you can use whatever materials you want for roofing material. Do whatever looks best to you or if you a trying to replicate a certain building do it just like that.

Diorama Roofing Material-01

You can do something with a corrugated roof (in the future I may show your how to make corrugated roofing), you can use plowed field paper for train diorama scenery (this can be made to look like roofing), you could use paper grass that is used for railroad grass scenery (there is a way to make this look like asphalt shingles), you could use little pieces of cedar to look like cedar shingles, you could use corrugated roofing cut into small strips to make it look like tile roofing, the list is endless in materials to come up with for roofing.

In the future I may do a post on the blog on different materials & how to make them look like roofing material. In this case I am going to use scrapbook paper it is flat black with shade variations in it & it looks like roofing or tar paper. It will look like the roof had tar paper put on it & it was left that way.

Diorama Roofing Material-02

Remove the tape from the roof because it will show through the roof material if you leave it on. The scrapbook paper roofing material will be cut in 3’ (to 1:24th scale) wide strips that look like rolled out tar paper. Start at the bottom edge of the roof & glue the first piece of scrapbook paper on both sides of the roof and work your way up. Use acid free glue to attach it & make sure the glue is smooth so you have no bumps in your roofing material I like to use an acid free glue stick for this.

Now attach the next row/strip of scrapbook paper overlapping the previous piece and then do the same for the next row/strip. You should have 3 strip/rows on each side now take another strip & crease it down the middle & that will go on the very top where the ridge vent would be. Back in the day they didn’t have ridge vents like they have now they just finished the whole roof the same way.

Diorama Roofing Material-03

The very last piece that will be attached in the ridge vent area can be cut down if you want I cut mine down some to give that finished look. What I did was use my compass & set it to the reveal I wanted on each row of roofing material so they are all the same this also helped in keeping my roofing material straight. I then cut my last piece down so it would have the same reveal so everything looks uniform & even.

This ended up being a nice finished roof, not sure if you can see from the pictures but in real life it looks very nice & it looks like real tar paper. If you go to your local craft store some stores have a large variety of scrapbook paper that can be used in many different areas of diorama building. When using scrapbook paper the best thing to attach it with is acid free glue that way it doesn’t have any reactions between the glue & scrapbook paper & scrapbook paper will last for years.

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