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Installing The Doors Handles In Your Diorama Building

Now that the building has been painted lets install the door handles. The side door is going to have that little ball point pin installed into the door for the handle. I painted the head of it silver & then used a little glue & pressed it into the hole that I made earlier make sure it is nice & snug.

Diorama Garage Door Handles-01

Install the tidy pins handle that we had earlier & put some glue on them & press them into the holes we made earlier in the garage doors. These pins are available at the craft stores.

Diorama Garage Door Handles-02

These door handles add a little detail and finish off the doors to give them that complete look. Remember a lot of quality diorama building is in the details stuff that other builders overlook or think it doesn’t have to be added to complete the scene.

Diorama Garage Door Handles-03

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  • clint van geel Jan 27, 2012, 1:58 pm

    if build an diorama in 1/24 scale its an american style garage i wanna go promote it on google and for every one else who wanna see my beautiful work i wanna send you some pictures of my work so you can give me your opinion i think i got it my fingers 2 build great dioramas greetings

    • admin Jan 27, 2012, 4:48 pm

      Clint, You can send me the pictures of your build I would love to see them. Remember it’s all in the details to go from a plain diorama to a great diorama.

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