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Installing The Remaining Trusses For The Diorama Building

If you want you can take your scale ruler & slide it in between the trusses to make sure they are where you want them before you move forward to install the remaining trusses. Using this style clamp works best if you do it at the edge of your table or work space so one clamp can hang off the edge & then there is room for the other without the clamps holding the roof suspended in the air.

Diorama Trusses-01

Remember we want all the trusses to be installed in the same direction the only one that is opposite is the back or last truss. Remember the last truss you installed with the smooth side out so that the supports didn’t catch the end wall when you reinstall the roof.

Diorama Trusses-02

Continue to install all the other trusses make sure that you are using the lines to center your trusses because even being off a little bit when you are doing something in this small scale just magnifies the imperfection. Your back truss that is turned the opposite direction will look slightly closer than the rest because the supports will be facing each other.

Diorama Trusses-03

Now that everything is dry take the paper guide sheets off the roof & set the roof on the building to make sure everything sets right where you want it. If anything needs to be adjusted now is the time to do it, if you followed all the steps correctly in doing the trusses they should fit perfectly with no adjustments.

Diorama Trusses-04

Diorama Trusses-05

You can see all the rafters sticking out of the side of the building just like they did years ago if you don’t like this look you can put little pieces of scaled lumber in between each one to fill in that opening. If you are going to put a light in the building you may want to do this, I actually like the idea of the light shining out in between them like they did years ago. It will also give a different effect if you place the building into a diorama scene with the light shining in between the rafters & kind of highlight the building.

Diorama Trusses-06

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