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Installing Trim Around Door Panels For The Diorama Building

We are going to start with the trim that goes around the edges of the door panel, I used the same material I used for the 2” x 6”s. Cut the two pieces that will go on each side of the door panel from top to bottom & then cut the pieces that will fit in between these pieces that goes across the top & bottom of the door panel. Now cut the piece that will go in between the side pieces for the middle of the door I used the 2” x 4” material for this board.

Diorama Installing Trim -01

Diorama Installing Trim -02

You don’t have to make your doors just like these you can use an X pattern on the door, you could use a Z pattern, you could run two 2” x 4”s across the door panels whatever you like.

Diorama Installing Trim -03

When gluing these pieces to the door panels do not glue the piece that will be on the hinge side. We will cover how to make this hinge & how it works here shortly but just don’t glue that piece down because we will do that when the time comes. This loose piece you may want to tape it on temporarily so you know exactly where it goes & that all the other trim pieces line up properly.

Diorama Installing Trim -04

Do the same procedure for the garage door you may want to leave it taped together it is easier to line everything up this way. Do not glue the hinge sides of the garage doors either.

Diorama Installing Trim -05


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