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Interior Of The Finished Diorama Building

I believe the interior is just as nice as the exterior of this diorama building. Front view through the open front doors you can see the 2” x 4” wall frame work, the top & sill plates along with the truss work.

Diorama Interior of the Garage-01

Top view with the side door closed, you can see the header above the doorway & I also painted the inside of the door, this way if the door is open or closed it looks nice.

Diorama Interior of the Garage-02


Top view of the side door open, this hinge system with the little pins works very nice and smooth.

Diorama Interior of the Garage-03

Top view of the garage door closed, you can see the header above the doorway & it stands out with the painted doors & natural interior frame work against the natural hardboard color.

Diorama Interior of the Garage-04

Top view with the garage doors open, it looks nice against the scrapbook paper concrete looking floor. This floor looks pretty real in real life the pictures do not do it justice actually the whole building looks better in real life.

Diorama Interior of the Garage-05


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