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Outside Corners For The Diorama Building

Now that the siding is finished it is time to work on the corners to give it that finished look. We will use two different size pieces for this one will be 1/16” x 1/8” & the other will be 1/16” x 1/4” when these two pieces come together they will be the same size on both sides. You always want to use one piece twice as wide as the other for the corners when you glue them together they will both be the same when finished.

Diorama Outside Corners -01

Diorama Outside Corners -02

Trim your two pieces a little longer than needed & then glue them together. Use clear tape to hold them together until the glue dries. Glue them together so the thinner piece is glued to the inside edge of the wider piece to give you a nice even corner where the two pieces are the same & will make a perfect corner. They do make actual corner pieces to scale for this but I do not like them because the insides of the corners are rounded & they don’t fit tight against the building corners. By making my own corners they fit nice and tight to give it that finished look.

Diorama Outside Corners -03

Diorama Outside Corners -04

Make up all four corners & let them dry. Now that they are dry leave them taped together & hold them up to your building extending below the bottom of your diorama building. Mark your top angle to be cut one side will be straight with an angle to the outside so the roof doesn’t interfere with it & the other side will be on an angle following the roof line. Cut this top end of your corner being careful not to break your corner apart. Hold the corner piece back up against your corner now with the top placed exactly where you want it & mark the bottom cut which will be straight across.

Diorama Outside Corners -05


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