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Lil’ Locals – “Everyone Knows A Little Local”

Lil’ Locals are caricatures/miniatures of people you know, or have met sometime in your life. They live locally, down the street, next-door, the neighborhoods you drive through or maybe in your own home, a relative or family member, or they may be you or your best friend. Each one has his/her own distinct personality, and collectors know each one by name.


Diorama - Lil' Locals -04

Diorama - Lil' Locals -05

Diorama - Lil' Locals Collage -01
Lil’ Locals in the pictures are shown with 1:24th scale vehicles to give you an idea of size. The tallest is approximately 2¼” they are made of PVC and painted with a powder paint to avoid that shiny look.


Diorama - Lil' Locals Packaging

All 6 characters come in a Blister pack as shown. Vehicles, Diorama, Scenery, etc. not included.

They are available in a very limited supply so order now.



Diorama - Lil' Locals Collage


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