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Painting Ideas For The Diorama Building

Now is a good time to think about painting your diorama building because you don’t want paint on the roof or rafters if you are going to have them permanently attached. This building has a removable roof so it could be done at a later time but we are going to move forward with the painting ideas now.

Diorama Painting Ideas -01

I am only painting the exterior siding on this building & the doors I like the look of the bare 2” x 4”s against the brown hardboard. I will tape it off right by the edge of the hardboard so I don’t get paint on the 2” x 4”s. I like to use a green tape called frog tape it works better at leaving that nice clean edge than anything else I have found.

I always paint my buildings with flat paint especially if you want that aged look. There were some buildings especially in the 50’s that were shiny & they usually were some type of eating place like a diner, corner restaurant, etc.

Diorama Painting Ideas -02

I also like to do paint samples on the same material that I am painting so I know exactly what the finished paint job will look like. You put all that work into building the diorama building you better spend a little time making sure your paint is right. In this case I used 7 different sample colors on a spare piece of the basswood siding & I wrote the colors on it to make sure I didn’t mix any colors up. I can also use this sample piece when I do my next diorama building for sample coloring. The colors in the picture look shiny but they are flat I applied the paint directly to the sample piece of basswood siding because that is how I want to do it on the diorama building.

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