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Painting The Exterior Of The Diorama Building

Painting the exterior of the diorama building I don’t want to use any primer under it or second coats I want the paint to kind of soak into the wood to give it that aged look. Some areas it soaks in better than others & that’s how I want it to look I just put on one thin layer of paint.

Diorama Painting The Exterior -01

You can see from the pictures that it has that aged look or worn look if I would have used primer or put on a second coat or put the paint on too heavy I won’t have achieved that look.

Diorama Painting The Exterior -02

Diorama Painting The Exterior -03

If you do get the paint on a little thicker in one area or another you can use some sandpaper to lighten it up you have to be careful with it because some times using really fine sandpaper can actually make the paint look shiny. Grade OOOO steel wool will also make the paint look shiny it will kind of polish the paint. You are better off using coarser sandpaper just be very careful that you don’t damage the siding.

Diorama Painting The Exterior -04

If you want the bottom of the building to look like it is rotted you can use a utility knife, wire brush, ruff sandpaper, etc. to give it that look. Experiment on a scrap piece first to make sure you are going to achieve the look your after before trying it on your finished product because after putting all that work into it you would hate to mess it up.

Diorama Painting The Exterior -05

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