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Pickups For Your Diorama

Pickups started as utility vehicles since then they have come a long way. Current pickups now come with features only found on luxury cars in the past.

Pickups are great additions for your diorama, they are versatile, you can load them for a construction diorama or a trip to the hardware store, you can haul appliances to the new house you just built for your diorama or you can replace the box with a flat rack. You can also customize them to add that extra to your diorama, create a car show or a display diorama to show off your custom pickup.

The video was created to give ideas, diecast collectors and model builders alike are always looking for ideas for the next project. Dioramas also look so much better with just the right vehicle to add to the display, you don’t want to build a custom pickup that takes away from your diorama and vice versa you don’t want a diorama so over the top that your new customized pickup gets lost in the scene.

If you are building a custom pickup for competition you may want to place it in a custom diorama to get that extra little advantage over your competition. Before doing this make sure to check the rules so you don’t disqualify yourself, they all have a set of rules and some won’t allow anything but the vehicle while others have size limits when placed in a diorama setting, etc.


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