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Preparing Doors For Hinges For The Diorama Building

Preparing the doors for the hinges takes a little messing with. Slide the door from the inside of the building back into the open door slot the pins you just installed will be against the door panel. Press the door panel lightly against the pins holding the pins so they don’t bend, you just want to make an indentation into the door panel so you will know where the pins for the hinges are located.

Diorama Preparing Doors For Hinges -01

Take the door back out & lay it on your scrap piece of wood take a new pin (because you want to leave the ones in the building where they are) & lay it into the indentation you just made in the door panel. Take the removable piece of door trim and place it on top of where it is suppose to go, press down firmly to make a deep indentation into both the door & the trim. I like to use my small square with the flat side to press on this because the basswood is soft & I don’t want to mark up the front of it.

Diorama Preparing Doors For Hinges -02

Do the same thing with the other hinge location so now you will have an indentation at the top & bottom of the door panel & the trim strip where the hinges will be located.

Diorama Preparing Doors For Hinges -03


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