Learn How To Make Quality, Scratch-Built Dioramas

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Scratch Building Dioramas For Fun

Diorama Interior FramingScratch building has been described by many diorama builders as the ultimate in creating their vision of how things should layout & look. For these builders there is a great deal of pleasure that comes with the completion of each house, dealership, store, garage, factory or any other building that ends up on their diorama.

For many builders the idea of using a kit straight out of the box is crazy, there is no way to make it look and fit properly without spending hours trying to change the way it looks.

Diorama Roof Rafters

Scratch building is a lot like building in real life only smaller, you start out with a pile of pieces and create a building from them one piece at a time. This can mean building the walls one board at a time and using individual pieces of wood or using scale 2×4’s to actually create the framing & scale 2×6’s to create the headers over the doorways or building the rafters for the roof.

Windows and doors are needed to make your building look right and can be very difficult to reproduce. I can show you how to do this in some cases easier to make than you think, regular doors that actually open and close even make a roll-up garage door that actually works. When actually siding a building how to finish the outside corners to make them look real & how to paint it to make it look aged. You want to properly place items on the inside so they can be seen through the windows Diorama Garage Windows& doorways or print them into the actual window to give the illusion that they are inside the building. The 3 stall garage has printed windows in the front & it looks like a stack of oil cans are sitting inside the building when they are actually printed right into the window & applied to the building.

There is no doubt that the best way to make truly realistic diorama’s that represent the real thing as closely as possible and are individually unique is to build them from scratch.