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Starting To Make Door Panels For The Diorama Building

Starting to make the door panels for the doors we will start with the walk door. I used a piece of 1/16” x 3” x 24” basswood & cut it out to fit the walk door opening.

Diorama Door Panels -01

Next I want to make the door panels for the big/garage door I cut two pieces that fit the opening. I then taped them together to make it easier to work with & also to make sure they are going to fit together when I install them. To make this door measure from one side to the other & then split it in the middle so both doors are exactly the same size.

Diorama Door Panels -02

Leave just a little gap around the edges of the doors because you want them to be able to open & close and not bind with each other.

Diorama Door Panels -03


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