I believe the interior is just as nice as the exterior of this diorama building. Front view through the open front doors you can see the 2” x 4” wall frame work, the top & sill plates along with the truss work. Top view with the side door closed, you can see the header above [...]

Now that the glue has dried on the end trusses lift the roof off of your diorama building. The roof will lift off with the tin foil it may be stuck a little bit to the roof or trusses so be careful & remove all the tin foil. You may need to use an exacto [...]

Getting started with the roof trusses for the diorama building is an important step because you want the roof to smoothly remove & be replaced but you also want it to look good when it is in place. The end trusses should have the supports facing inward you do not want the supports to face [...]

Getting started with the roof for the diorama building, take one of the hardboard pieces that are to be used for the roof set it into position & use four little spring clamps to position it right where you want it, place the clamps on the ends of the roof. When it comes time to [...]

Now that the building has been painted lets install the door handles. The side door is going to have that little ball point pin installed into the door for the handle. I painted the head of it silver & then used a little glue & pressed it into the hole that I made earlier make [...]

Painting the exterior of the diorama building I don’t want to use any primer under it or second coats I want the paint to kind of soak into the wood to give it that aged look. Some areas it soaks in better than others & that’s how I want it to look I just put [...]

Now is a good time to think about painting your diorama building because you don’t want paint on the roof or rafters if you are going to have them permanently attached. This building has a removable roof so it could be done at a later time but we are going to move forward with the [...]

Preparing the diorama building for paint or stain if there are any areas that have little cracks in between the trim or cracks in the siding some are repairable. The joint compound works if you are painting the diorama building as long as you use it in little spots here & there. If you put [...]

Installing the door into the opening & attaching it to the hinge pins. Slide the door back into its spot from the inside of the building making sure the indentations for the pins are lined up. Put some glue on the trim piece & install it onto the front of the door. You may have [...]

Preparing the doors for the hinges takes a little messing with. Slide the door from the inside of the building back into the open door slot the pins you just installed will be against the door panel. Press the door panel lightly against the pins holding the pins so they don’t bend, you just want [...]

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