Place your siding on the lower side of the building where the walk door is. Take your pencil & mark where the door will be cut out. On this particular building the siding actually doesn’t come right to the top of the doorway so you could just cut your piece for the right side of [...]

Attaching siding to the back of the diorama building attach the bottom piece of siding first, put some glue on the backside of the piece of siding & place it exactly where you want it remember to use your spacers for the bottom & make sure your siding lines line up with the piece on [...]

Figuring Siding Least Waste For The Diorama Building. Now that your first piece of siding is dry & attached you need to figure where the rest of that piece best fits. If you used that leftover piece of siding above the piece you just attached you may run out of siding to complete the whole [...]

Beginning To Attach Siding To The Diorama Building. Remember earlier I talked about the little spacers to position your siding off the ground just a little to show the foundation make sure you use these or your siding will be too low & not look right. Put a little wood glue directly on the back [...]

Cutting Your Clapboard Siding For The Diorama Building. I used the scale 6” clapboard siding, I wanted the concrete foundation to show below the siding so I used little spacers to position the siding so it is even all around the building & has that little reveal to expose the floor edges that are painted [...]

We are going to build the floor for the diorama building, take the measurements, length & width. The building I made ends up being 20’ 6” x 12’ 6” in real size or 10 ¼” x 6 ¼” (1:24) scale. You could just trace around the sides of your building make sure it is square. [...]

Thanks from How To Make A Diorama for all your patience the video of the complete build of the old storage building is now available. It’s 2½ hours long and covers the complete build from beginning to end with all the tips, tricks and techniques used to build this building. It’s available for immediate download [...]

Diorama Preparing Roof Trusses Preparing Roof Trusses For The Diorama Building. Remember earlier you made that roof truss we are going to use that roof truss to make a jig so you can make everyone the same. Use that truss as your pattern and find a piece of scrap wood along with some small pieces [...]

Preparing Studded Walls For The Diorama Building. Carefully remove the studded wall frames from the paper. Look at all your walls to make sure everything is fully attached, if something is loose put a little more glue on it. Remember not to use too much glue because it will show in your finished product. I [...]

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