Now that you have the correct scale size and pattern of what you want to build make yourself a cutout pattern that you can use in cutting your materials. Cut the actual doors & windows out of the pattern in a piece of card stock. Cut these pieces to the exact sizes & shapes that [...]

Once you have figured out what scale you what to build the best thing to do is make a mock-up of it, this will save you from wasting money in the future & makes sure that what you are building is to the scale & size proportions to what you want to display with it. [...]

The best way to get started building quality dioramas is to have the proper tools, you don’t need all the tools to get started you acquire them as you go along & as you realize what you need. In this build I used basic tools & materials. 1/16” Hardboard for side/end walls & roof, wood [...]

I made this Vintage Style Building we’ll call it an Old Storage Building. It would be an old building you would have seen by the roadside years ago that may have been used to store small equipment, the old tractor, farming equipment, etc. These old buildings now quiet often are where people store their restored [...]

You can also photograph your dioramas for magazine articles, if done properly they can look so life like that people won’t believe that the photo is something you actually scratch built by hand. I would normally address this about photographing later on but some of you may want to photograph the process while you are [...]

We will also turn you on to places that specialize in accessories, figures, lighting, scaling, siding, roof materials, etc. everything from what to use to create a muddy junkyard to an LED light that flashes to make it look like someone is actually welding. So let your mind wonder be inspired and enjoy the ride, [...]

You can also use your diorama to display your scale vehicle at a contest which will give you the advantage over the people who just display their vehicles sitting on the table. Just remember some contests have size restrictions so keep this in mind if that is the direction you decide to go with your [...]

Most of the example dioramas will be built on a ½” thick piece of good quality plywood cut to a size of 22” deep by 38” wide. For space reasons I use a metal shelving unit on wheels to display some of my dioramas and this size fits nicely on the shelving unit, you will [...]

Scratch building has been described by many diorama builders as the ultimate in creating their vision of how things should layout & look. For these builders there is a great deal of pleasure that comes with the completion of each house, dealership, store, garage, factory or any other building that ends up on their diorama. [...]

I have been collecting Scale Vehicles & building scratch built Diorama’s or creating various scenes for over 30 years. I could never find the right building or scenery or the quality product for what I had in mind so I had to learn how to make everything myself & to my standards. I guess that [...]

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