Diorama Roll-Up Garage Door – pdf This video shows what is included in the pdf to make a Roll-Up Garage Door that actually works. The pdf of making a Roll-Up Garage Door is only 4 pages with 23 pictures, but it explains everything from beginning to end and when you are finished it will actually [...]

Installing the door into the opening & attaching it to the hinge pins. Slide the door back into its spot from the inside of the building making sure the indentations for the pins are lined up. Put some glue on the trim piece & install it onto the front of the door. You may have [...]

Preparing the doors for the hinges takes a little messing with. Slide the door from the inside of the building back into the open door slot the pins you just installed will be against the door panel. Press the door panel lightly against the pins holding the pins so they don’t bend, you just want [...]

Preparing to install the doors I like to have the door set back just a little I think it gives it a better look. Put the door into the opening where you want it without the trim piece that we left loose on the hinge side of the door. Take a small pin & poke [...]

Starting to make the door panels for the doors we will start with the walk door. I used a piece of 1/16” x 3” x 24” basswood & cut it out to fit the walk door opening. Next I want to make the door panels for the big/garage door I cut two pieces that fit [...]

Diorama Roll-Up Garage Doors Roll-up garage doors for your diorama that actually open and close. Have you wanted to build a diorama and didn’t know what to do about the garage doors, why not make them roll-up doors that actually work. This way you can change the look of your diorama if you want by [...]