Diorama Roll-Up Garage Door – pdf This video shows what is included in the pdf to make a Roll-Up Garage Door that actually works. The pdf of making a Roll-Up Garage Door is only 4 pages with 23 pictures, but it explains everything from beginning to end and when you are finished it will actually [...]

That small piece that was left over from the first piece of siding will be attached to the left side of the garage door on the front of the diorama building. You have to pay particular attention to the positioning of this piece it has to line up with the lines from the side piece [...]

Diorama Roll-Up Garage Doors Roll-up garage doors for your diorama that actually open and close. Have you wanted to build a diorama and didn’t know what to do about the garage doors, why not make them roll-up doors that actually work. This way you can change the look of your diorama if you want by [...]