This blog posting is in regard to all your patience while I finished the products and uploaded them for you, I want to thank everyone for their great comments and interest in the products and the blog. Everything is available for immediate download except the video (uploading it has not worked as of yet). Scale [...]

Diorama Supply and parts boxes, everything from cases of oil, antifreeze and filters, to spark plugs and v-belt sleeves, headers, mufflers, cams, tires, gaskets, brakes, shocks, to empty cardboard boxes to use as you please When building your diorama you need accessories to give it that completed look. How about some magazines, you can’t have [...]

You can also photograph your dioramas for magazine articles, if done properly they can look so life like that people won’t believe that the photo is something you actually scratch built by hand. I would normally address this about photographing later on but some of you may want to photograph the process while you are [...]