Pickups started as utility vehicles since then they have come a long way. Current pickups now come with features only found on luxury cars in the past. Pickups are great additions for your diorama, they are versatile, you can load them for a construction diorama or a trip to the hardware store, you can haul [...]

Just a little something for all the truckers reading my blog at How To Make A Diorama .com Many of you probably have seen this but for those of you that haven’t this would make a great marshmallow toaster. Check out the garbage cans in front of the wall they start on fire. 2010 -Thompson [...]

Diorama and Diecast go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you want to enhance your diecast or scratch built scale vehicle build a diorama from scratch to the time period you want to display. This post is simple I had two 1939 Chevy Sedan Deliveries left in the case that I originally purchased to [...]

You can also use your diorama to display your scale vehicle at a contest which will give you the advantage over the people who just display their vehicles sitting on the table. Just remember some contests have size restrictions so keep this in mind if that is the direction you decide to go with your [...]