The Waupun (Wisconsin) Truck-N-Show is an annual event the 2nd weekend in August that’s in it’s 22nd year. It’s a nationwide truck event and has the nation’s largest truck parade. The event has grown in both size and scope as more truckers come from far-off states to show their rigs. Over the past 20+ years [...]

Cruisin’ Grand in Escondido, CA is a Friday night event from 5-9 P.M. every Friday from April—Sept. This is the second from the last Friday for the year for the event. Each week different theme vehicles highlighted like Chevy, Ford, Willy’s, Model A’s and T’s, Hudson, Fire Trucks, Nitro’s, Pick-ups, different car clubs, etc. that [...]

Custom COE’s make great car haulers, show trucks and cool diecast and scale models/replicas to enhance any diorama. This video has many different makes, models and styles to give you ideas how to customize your diecast and scale model/replicas to enhance any diorama scene. The video has 2 diecast 1947 Ford COE’s that I did [...]

If you want you can take your scale ruler & slide it in between the trusses to make sure they are where you want them before you move forward to install the remaining trusses. Using this style clamp works best if you do it at the edge of your table or work space so one [...]

These days, wheelstanders are relatively few and far between as they frequent some of the more popular “shows” in drag racing as exhibition vehicles, and while not of much interest to the hardcore fan and racer, they do still reach out well to their intended audience: the new or casual fan looking for pure entertainment [...]

Getting started with the roof for the diorama building, take one of the hardboard pieces that are to be used for the roof set it into position & use four little spring clamps to position it right where you want it, place the clamps on the ends of the roof. When it comes time to [...]

Diorama Ideas and Accessories Welcome to How To Make A Diorama .com This video is just some dioramas from different angles to give you some more ideas on building dioramas for yourself. Also over at How To Make A Diorama .com there are parts and supply boxes, signs and things like that you can use [...]

Customized Peterbilt 379 Quad Axle with Stretched Frame Custom dioramas and a customized Peterbilt 379 Quad Axle with stretched frame, double walk plate, tool box, running lights on the Texas bumper and more. I customize different vehicles just for fun and thought you may enjoy this Peterbilt 379 that I did a few minor changes [...]

Customized Peterbilt 379 with Stretched Frame Custom dioramas and a customized Peterbilt 379 with stretched frame, double walk plate, 4 fuel tanks and more Here are a couple of pictures of a Peterbilt 379 that I customized a little. I stretched the frame, doubled the walk plate, added 2 addition fuel tanks for a total [...]

1947 Ford COE Custom Custom dioramas and custom vehicles go together, check out this customized 1947 Ford COE diecast with wood deck I have been customizing scale vehicles and building quality dioramas for over 30 years, here is a picture of a 1947 Ford COE that I did a mild customization to just to give [...]

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