Now that the siding is finished it is time to work on the corners to give it that finished look. We will use two different size pieces for this one will be 1/16” x 1/8” & the other will be 1/16” x 1/4” when these two pieces come together they will be the same size [...]

Finish attaching the rest of the siding & remember to have that little lip placed over the lower piece so you will not have any seams showing when finished. You can see by the pictures that the corners don’t totally line up I did this on purpose so you could see where the two pieces [...]

Figuring Siding Least Waste For The Diorama Building. Now that your first piece of siding is dry & attached you need to figure where the rest of that piece best fits. If you used that leftover piece of siding above the piece you just attached you may run out of siding to complete the whole [...]

Beginning To Attach Siding To The Diorama Building. Remember earlier I talked about the little spacers to position your siding off the ground just a little to show the foundation make sure you use these or your siding will be too low & not look right. Put a little wood glue directly on the back [...]

Cutting Your Clapboard Siding For The Diorama Building. I used the scale 6” clapboard siding, I wanted the concrete foundation to show below the siding so I used little spacers to position the siding so it is even all around the building & has that little reveal to expose the floor edges that are painted [...]